"Anyway" is a detective text quest where you are welcome to become a high-technological robot dog whose main task is to help an actual detective to solve the case. What tasks are there beside the main one? That's up to you!

Okay, so what is there to know about the game?

  • You play as a robot dog with a wide range of different tools to aid your partner in the investigation. For example, you can read the emotions of a person as they are speaking and later catch them on concealing something from the detective!
  • Still you weren't exactly designed to lead an investigation on your own so get ready to rely on your human partner. Good thing is that he is an ultimate specialist. Bad thing is that his character balances out his professionalism (and not in a nice way).
  • Lock down in a dystopian high block! You get lots of shops and few people, leave alone that one of them is a killer running free... tension is growing and by the end of the night people won't act the same way.
  • Learn the story of both the house and its residents. Maybe it will help you to scratch the surface of the secrets lying in these walls... or maybe you'll just get somebody to call you a "friend" and throw a frisbee?
  • Beware of your own secret. Act careless and you may as well not see the sunrise... which, perhaps, can be better than other options. 
  • Even robots can have fun! Explore the house, play with the residents, mop the floor... see what you can do and try it all!

Currently the game is in the "proof of concept" stage and takes from 15 to 25 minutes to play. Our team will decide whether to continue the development or not based on your feedback and ratings so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Almost all the key mechanics and characters are already present in game and waiting for you. :)

OFFLINE version includes everything from the version you see here, it just allows you to play with no Internet connection.

TEXT version has no images so it can be run on potato computer (just kidding but if you try please tell us in the comments how it went) and doesn't take much space. Enjoy the ride!

SOUND version has everything from OFFLINE version but it also has music and sound effects (you can't find them even in the online version).

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsDetective, Dystopian, Immersive, Narrative, Robots, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


Anyway–Offline.zip 1 MB
Anyway–Text.html 705 kB
Anyway–Sound.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

If you download OFFLINE or SOUND version, please remember that you need to extract the files from .zip archive to make images work! After this just click on html file and run it as usual.

Development log


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Stumbled upon this game by accident, but now I'm begging you finish it!! I can't explain how much I liked it

The language of the game is easy on one hand but still gives you the full immersion into the world that so few text quests actually have these days. The developers also have a fantastic sense of humor, you get a gripping plot AND a good laugh - isn't it just a great deal

I'm really curious to find out what happens next! Such a cliffhanger at the end, I'm already making theories lmao

The characters are very well-written, they aren't one-sided and flat, everyone has some depth to them and some secrets that are only to be revealed (I hope). That Ali guy is my favorite so far, very kind and chill. It's clear though that all characters got the same amount attention and work from the devs

Amazing job you guys, for a proof of concept this is solid, keep up!!

10/10, I'll be looking forward to the full game /blinks green at y'all/

P.S. the visuals are just *chef's kiss*, my respect to whoever is responsible for these


Thank you so much for your feedback!

We're very glad you've liked the game so far. It's only going to get better from now on. ;)

P.S. The visuals are created by our amazing scriptwriter who happened to know their way around ArtBreeder. Just a fun fact to know. :)